Split Compartment ISO Tanks

If you are looking to ship multiple products or don’t have enough volume for a full tank, we offer our clients exclusive 3 compartment 25,000 litre ISO Tanks. Each tank is comprised of two 10,000 litre end sections, separated by a 5,000 litre central compartment. These multi compartment tanks are designed for smaller or mixed quantities of different products for new product launches or blending.

To eliminate any product cross-contamination risk, each compartment is completely partitioned from the next and has its own dedicated manlid and discharge valve, providing a safe, flexible, environmentally friendly drinks logistics solution.

We take product integrity very seriously, so all our tanks are meticulously cleaned and undergo rigorous periodic testing and maintenance to ensure they comply with international regulations. When combined with our strict policy of only carrying drinks, wines and spirits, you can be sure that in Paltank’s care, your products are in the safest possible hands.

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