ISO Bulk Liquid Container

PalTank provides a full end-to-end service from collection to delivery and everything in between, using our state-of-the-art fleet of stainless steel, insulated ISO tanks. All our tanks are 26,000 litres in capacity and specifically used for transporting wines, spirits and other food grade liquid products, so you don’t have to worry about contamination risks. Traceability is important too, so we also provide our customers with a full breakdown of the previous three loads our tanks have carried, just for that extra peace of mind.

All our ISO tanks are fully insulated to keep your product at a more stable temperature when compared to other modes of bulk liquid transportation. Thanks to the low valve position, our tanks are 100% dischargeable so there is no product left over once emptied, and of course no flexi bag to dispose of, providing a more cost effective and greener transport solution.

Whether you need 1 tank or 2,000 we handle every aspect of your shipment, to make sure your product reaches its destination in perfect condition, every time.

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