Premier Solution For Transatlantic Drinks & Spirits Logistics

Paltank specializes in transatlantic spirits transport for the drinks industry and moves over 2000 ISO tanks per year between Europe and the US, and back again!

Our Drinks Logistic Services

Bourbon Exports

Paltank is proud to be the premier bulk bourbon exporter from the US to the rest of the world! We work with household name bourbon producers, carefully loading and transporting their whiskey right through to final destination. We understand the time, effort and pride that goes into each barrel of bourbon, and we put the same level of care into the service we give to all our customers, from vat, to barrel, to tank, to bottle. Your product is in safe hands.

Spirits Imports

Paltank works with distillers all over the world to carefully transport their products across the seas to their US destinations. We offer through rail services to inland hubs, local specialist hazardous tank delivery, ISF filing, Kosher cleaning and many more services to make sure you can deliver your spirits exactly to your customer’s specification.

Malt Exports

Over the past two years, Paltank has been instrumental in the rapid growth of the hard seltzer market, working with producers and manufacturers to fulfil their exacting requirements, transporting the raw materials across the Atlantic and through to final destination. Thanks to our specialised equipment, drinks expertise, and collaborative approach, malt exports are now a significant part of the Paltank product portfolio!

G&T from A to B!

“ We have always had some difficulty shipping bulk gin into the US through our previous tank provider until we were recommended to PalTank.

We were on a tight timescale due to the new gin being needed for a new product launch at an inland destination stateside, alongside some accompanying cased tonic shipments that needed to land simultaneously. PalTank made it all look easy as they handled the process from beginning to end.

Our new product arrived at the bottling plant on time, railed through to final destination so we weren’t charged any expensive port storage, with the tonic meeting the bottled gin for distribution a week later. This logical, smooth approach saved us time and money and allowed us to meet our customer’s launch deadline with time to spare.”

Transatlantic Food Grade Bulk Liquid ISO Tanks

PalTank provides a full end-to-end service from collection to delivery and everything in between for the drinks industry, using our state-of-the-art fleet of stainless steel, insulated ISO tanks. All our tanks are 26,000 litres in capacity and specifically used for transporting wines, spirits and other food grade liquid products, so you don’t have to worry about contamination risks. Traceability is important too, so we also provide our customers with a full breakdown of the previous three loads our tanks have carried, just for that extra peace of mind.

All our ISO tanks are fully insulated to keep your product at a more stable temperature when compared to other modes of bulk liquid transportation. Thanks to the low valve position, our tanks are 100% dischargeable so there is no product left over once emptied, and of course no flexi bag to dispose of, providing a more cost effective and greener transport solution.

Whether you need 1 tank or 2,000 we handle every aspect of your drinks shipment, to make sure your product reaches its destination in perfect condition, every time.


Frequently Asked Questions

So I’m thinking of shipping bulk spirits to the USA, does Paltank do this?
We certainly do! Paltank specialises in transatlantic spirits transport and moves over 2000 ISO tanks per year between Europe and the US, and back again!
If I ship with you, how can I be sure my liquid won’t be contaminated?
Paltank is very selective about the products we carry. Unlike our competitors, our entire fleet is dedicated to the wines and spirits industry. We know how important product integrity is, that’s why we opted to keep any products out of our tanks that could cause issues down the line. On top of this, we only use EFTCO approved cleaning stations, to ensure that the tank arrives spotlessly clean and in perfect condition, every time.
Is kosher transportation possible?

Paltank has a network of kosher inspected and endorsed cleaning stations to ensure kosher observations are maintained. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at      

My previous carrier couldn’t supply me with regular tanks in Europe – how can you ensure that you have equipment availability?

Paltank has regular, contracted flows of food grade only tanks into mainland Europe, with tank storage depots at key locations, meaning that with some straightforward planning we can accommodate your request – get in touch with us to find out more!

How about vessel space?

Paltank works with several high speed transatlantic carriers, with dedicated, weekly vessel space allocation on numerous services, to ensure we can fulfil our client needs at this challenging time.

I’ve been hit with heavy port storage charges on previous shipments, how do you avoid this?

Due to our vast experience in moving bulk spirits to the US, we know how best to avoid these charges. We offer many solutions including through transport to inland railheads and container pre-pulls to stop our customers getting hit with surprise, and often large port storage bills.

How much product can I load?

The weight limit for a loaded tank in the US is 23995kg, so you can load 20000kg of product. As an example, for Grain Neutral Spirit at 96% ABV (192 proof) and a density of 0.811, this would allow approx. 24650 litres of liquid in a 26000 litre tank, allowing for ullage for liquid expansion during transit. We also have options for heavy weight permits depending on the US state your product is going to – get in touch for more information!

Do you offer ISF filing?

Of course! We include this as standard in our quote.

How about flexi tanks?

Although flexi tanks cannot be used to ship hazardous spirits, we can offer you various sized flexi options for wines coming out of the US, using our expansive domestic trucking and rail network, connecting with our global ocean partners, we can get your drinks to where they need to go!

Once my product is bottled, I need help with re-exporting the packaged goods. Is this something you can offer?

Indeed it is! Paltank offers a bespoke end to end service for many of our clients, including the re-exportation of packaged goods at a competitive price. Ask us for a quote on